John Kinder has long been doing modifications worldwide for harp players who are looking for more out of
their amps.  These modifications have led to the development of the HarpKing and our other outboard
devices.  John is a Blues lead guitar player and has worked with many harp players to improve their amps
and controlling feedback.  John does have many modifications for Blues guitar amps also.
The HarpMod.......When you're hot you're hot and the HarpMod, the forerunner of the HarpKing, has been hot for years!  John has been doing this modification for harp players around the world.  This is the modification that he and Rod Piazza developed and Rod played through until the HarpKing was designed.  This mod is built into the HarpKing and is adjustable where in the mod it is preset.  There are three levels of modification to choose from.  There is the level 3, down and oh so dirty, level 2 which is a middle of the road mod (Rod used this one) and then there is the level 1 which is for the harp player who has an amp that is just about "there" but can't get enough gain and distortion before feedback.  This modification is available for Concert, Bassman and Bassman Reissue amps.   Other tube amps are candidates for the mod, price is on a case by case basis.

$350.00 plus cost of shipping

The EchoMod..... Through our research with Harp players we have found that they prefer to use "outboard devices" when playing instead of internal effects in their amps.  The problem in this is that when you load down the crystal cartridge in your mic with the effects box you lose some of the potential for natural sounding low frequencies.  When using the dynamic mic you lose some of the crispness and defamation of your sound.  Our modification to your echo pedal creates a high impedance input for your mic and gives you back the low notes you have been missing.   The difference in pricing on the two types of pedals is the amount of work necessary to perform the mod.
We modify BOSS DD SERIES echo pedals for $70.00 plus shipping.
The DAN ELECTRO pedal mod is $165.00 plus shipping.

Since John has been playing lead guitar in Blues bands from St. Louis to LA for the past 20+ years he has experimented with modifications that he wanted for his own amps.  The modifications he does to amps is actually designed for what you want to
hear.  John says that everyone's ear is their own and the only way to get the desired result is to modify for the individual player.
If you are looking for a tone or nuance e-mail us at with the type of amp you have and the
change you would like to achieve.  John has been doing personalized modifications for every type of performer, Blues, Country,
and Rock.  Find out what he can do for you!

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