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We are happy to have all of you "harpsters" visiting our site. Our goal is to offer new, innovative products that are made especially for the harp player. We know the importance of having gear that is designed just for your instruments and we are doing just that. You will see our amps, our modifications and new products that you will find nowhere else. John has spent years developing and tweaking and has finally achieved devices that help the harp player get tone and volume without feedback. You will be heard in the mix with the advantage of our gear.

The HarpKings are still being built individually by John to insure the quality that has been one of his trademarks for over 45 years. His other trademark is perfection. Each of our amps must stand up to his critical evaluation. When you purchase your HarpKing you will be getting the finest harp amp made. With Master harp players input we have married the electronic experience of John with the harp ability of harp players of all caliber and have produced an amp with power, tone, durability, and beauty.

Be sure to see the information on our newest product, the Anti-Feedback+. This outboard device can be used with any tube amp to control your feedback and let you get the most out of your amp. The Midbass Cut, another Kinder invention, is a new control for your amp that brings a new bass range into your music. For the guys using outboard devices the Maximizer is for you. The Maximizer lets your mic get all of the power you need for true tone.

Enjoy our site and we hope to hear from you soon!

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