HarpKing Specs

The HarpKing: A completely revolutionary amp that has resulted from many hours of research by John Kinder and
Rod Piazza. Rods "perfect ear" and harp experience and Johns knowledge of the Blues and electronics makes this
the designer amp for harp players.

Power: 6X10-100 watts, 4X10-70 watts of RMS sine wave power.

Tubes: We are using two KT-90 power tubes in the 6x10, two KT-88 power tubes in the 4x10.
KT-90's are used in industrial settings such as pro audio because of their ability to handle high amounts of power.
John selected these tubes because of their strength and the tone, which they produce. The pre-amp tubes are 12AX7.

Speakers: The HarpKing uses 10" Eminence speakers. These speakers were selected by Rod for our amp because
of the tone they produced in harmony with the cabinet.

Cabinet: We feature an all wood cabinet designed by the late Sam Hutton. This cabinet has a resonance all its' own.

Wiring: We are using hand wiring and specially designed circuit boards. All of the boards have "plate through" holes,
which form a rivet type joint that is much sturdier than the soldering you will find on most amps.

Height: The HarpKing 6x10 is 32" tall, easily adjustable on stage with waist high controls. No need to take your egg
crates, you can monitor yourself with our speaker configuration. The 4x10 is 24" tall. The top carrying handle on both
amps is balanced for easy moving.

Weight: The 6x10 is 63 pounds. The 4x10 is 47 pounds.

Phasing: John thought of everything. You can hookup your HarpKing in tandem with another amp. The phase switch
in the back of the cabinet allow the HarpKing speaker cones to move together, in the same direction as the other amp.

Effects: There are no extra effects on the HarpKing. This amp has a complete range of controls for you to "dial in"
your own sound.

The three patented "Kinder Controls" are to reduce feedback and to get the sound wanted by so many.

Color: The HarpKing comes in Red, Purple and Blond with gold grille cloth. Each amp has a logo color to match the tolex with black silk-screening.

Warranty: A one-year parts and workmanship warranty with the limit of six months on the speakers and tubes.